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The Stanton Downtown Facade Project is complete! Check out the beautiful new look of Stanton's downtown and the article below

The Stanton Community Foundation is actively fundraising for the Greenbelt Trail Expansion, Stanton Child Resource Center Expansion, Stanton Technology Park, Downtown Facade Renovation, and more!  To donate, please click on one of the links below.

To all of our Stanton Community Foundation Friends:

As 2022 comes to an end and we enter 2023, we want to take a moment to thank you for all of your kindness and support.  2022 proved to be another exciting year for the Stanton Community thanks to many great people coming together to make things happen!  As our projects continue to progress, we want to give an update on where the progress stands at this time for the Stanton Child Resource Center/Stanton Technology Park, Downtown Facade Project, and Stanton Greenbelt Trail Expansion.

Thanks to your generous donations, the Stanton Community Foundation has raised $239,742.63 for the Stanton Child Resource Center Expansion Project in 2022.  An additional $57,155.36 was donated for additional projects, including a new outdoor basketball court in 2022 as well.

To update the Stanton Child Resource Center/Stanton Technology Park, just over $2,167,488 has been raised for the Stanton Child Resource Expansion Project with a goal of $3,200,000.  After many years of working at this, we are closer than ever before.  Thank you for considering your donation to help us reach the end.  The goal is to put the project out to bid in the spring of 2023.  The Stanton Technology Park plans are underway as a way to recruit technology-focused businesses to Stanton.

For the City of Stanton Downtown Facade Project, progress has exceeded 75% completion with 8 building facades updated.  The project will wrap up by May 2023.  The Stanton Community welcomed Midwest Ag Services to Main Street while working on this project.

The Greenbelt Trail Expansion is in 3 phases with Phase 2 ready to be completed in Spring 2023, and fundraising underway with Phase 1 through the Stanton Technology Park and Stanton Child Resource Center and Phase 3 to connect the community to Viking Lake.  A big thank you goes out to many different contributors in the community for their continuous support of the Stanton Greenbelt Walking/Biking Trail!

Donations to Stanton Community Foundation may be dropped off or mailed to First Interstate Bank at 401 Broad Ave, Stanton IA, 51573.  For more information, contact Jenna Ramsey at 712-829-7340 or