I am excited to welcome new residents and visitors to our community. Stanton is a small community, which works hard to hold on to its Swedish heritage and provide a forward thinking, positive atmosphere for residents and visitors.

Mayor Kirk J. Requist

Mayor Kirk J. Requist

We welcome you and your family and would appreciate your time to check out the enclosed information. It provides a window into who, what, why, when, and where of events and services. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; we welcome your involvement and suggestions. Through the years we have seen how everyone benefits by willing people sharing innovative forward thinking ideas, with positive residents helping good things happen. 

Being a progressive community, the telephone company offers high speed internet for people wanting to work from home. Our Child Day Care, Preschool, and Care Center for the elderly, fulfill family needs and provide employment. The Stanton Swedish Heritage and Cultural Center offers ancestry research, Swedish events, Swedish School, and gift shop. The Viking Center houses a walking track, gym, exercise equipment, library, and health and athletic events for all ages. The City staff and Stanton Fire and Rescue provide safety and help in times of need, as well as events throughout the year.

Other community highlights include several new homes, businesses, a walking trail, school and church activities, Senior Center, and parks, all a source of pride, making Stanton a great place to live.
Busy, involved members belonging to several clubs and groups from the school, churches, city, etc. are the ones who tirelessly make things happen and we thank and appreciate them.

Stanton is a good place for all ages; many times I have seen young and elderly pitching in together, working with pride, to do what is needed in a situation, such as passing the library books, almost 4 blocks, from person to person, hand to hand, to the new library. One of many great memories for Stanton residents!

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