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Stanton Fire & Rescue

Stanton Fire & Rescue

The mission of Stanton Fire and Rescue Department is to provide professional quality Emergency Service to the Stanton Community.

Providing fire protection since 1893 and emergency medical care and transport since 1955.


Fire Chief – Zeb McFarland
Assistant Fire Chief – Brian Bates
Fire Captain – Brayton Allen
Assistant EMS Chief – Travis Taylor
EMS Captain – Stacy Taylor
Treasurer – Dan Kutzli
Secretary – Wendy Confer


Eric Kutzli
Mark Allen
Cade Confer
Chris Stephens
Nikki Schwarte
Nate Elwood
Dustin Isaacson
Lauren Stephens
Amanda Smith
Dan Roberts
Reece Anderson
Cameron Lewellen
Jacob Lindgren
Alex Cabbage


Thomas Bates
Luke Brockshus
Will Roberts