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Stanton Technology Park

Stanton Technology Park

The Stanton Technology Park is located in a prime location at entrance to Stanton on the north side of the community. The location on Highway 34 offers easy access within approximately 40 miles to Interstate 29 and 80. The 21-acre park can be developed in whole, or subdivided to meet the developer’s needs.

Stanton, Iowa - Technology Park

Commercial Construction Building Benefits

  • No charge for a building permit.


  • Farmers Mutual Telephone Company Gig-Certified Fiber (includes phone, internet, and TV) *$1,000 in free services for any new structure built that requires new fiber optic connection.


  • Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative serving in Adair, Adams, Cass, Decatur, Fremont, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Ringgold, Taylor and Union counties in Iowa. Southwest Iowa REC will provide electrical power to the site and the businesses that locate there.
  • Because of the special requirements for various commercial members, each application will be reviewed to determine if a contribution in aid of construction or an advance for construction costs is required.
  • Southwest Iowa REC also offers rebates and other incentives to its members.


  • The City of Stanton Water Department will provide the parts and labor to provide water service from the main to the stop box. A temporary spigot will be provided by the City of Stanton at the stop box for water during construction, if needed. The stop box location will be determined by the City of Stanton Water Department.
  • The water line will be made of copper from the main to the stop box (provided by the City) and from the stop box to the meter (labor and parts provided by the home/business owner by a licensed plumber). The City will provide the meter valves, meter, meters spuds and other necessary connections for the meter.
  • Street cut, road compaction and street repair for water service provided by the City of Stanton Water Department.


  • Sewer connection to the sewer main to be made by a licensed plumber under the supervision of the City of Stanton Sewer Department. Parts and labor provided by the home/business owner.
  • Street cut, road compaction and street repair for sewer provided by the City of Stanton Sewer Department.
Stanton, Iowa - Technology Park
Stanton, Iowa - Technology Park
Stanton, Iowa - Technology Park

The Stanton Technology Park

This 22-acre park, located on the north side of Stanton offers easy access to Highway 34. The technology park will be served with robust, reliable and redundant fiber optic symmetrical broadband service through Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC), which will accommodate businesses heavily reliant on technology and connectivity.

FMTC is a locally owned Independent and NTCA certified Gigabit Internet provider of fiber optic Internet, phone and TV service in Adams, Montgomery, Page, and Taylor Counties with a Fiber-to-the-home network. Stanton is one of their NTCA certified Smart Rural Communities.

Companies and industry are attracted to smart communities because they can leverage smart applications to operate their businesses more efficiently and more profitably. Additionally, smart communities attract smart talent, giving companies a better workforce to recruit and engage.

FMTC provides a robust, reliable and redundant “Connection to the World” from their local fiber network connected directly to 3 POP locations on the Aureon state-wide fiber network. FMTC also partners with Midwest Fiber Network to provide a 200 Gb redundant ethernet transport network connected to Aureon.


Jenna Ramsey

Stanton Community Development Director

Stanton is a progressive community rich in history, positive family values, and active community member involvement. Stanton offers affordable housing, an accredited and well-respected K-12 school district, and 5-Star Rated daycare services. Recreational opportunities include beautiful parks, athletic fields and a 3-mile Greenbelt Trail through town. Viking Lake State Park is only two miles away, and offers camping, boating, and fishing.